Magnetic Rope Testing


TENSOLOGY are the appointed agent for Intron Plus wire rope testing equipment “INTROS”.

Principle of operation of INTROS

The instrument operation is based on the magnetic flux leakage (MFL) method that detects anomalies in normal flux patterns created by discontinuities in ferrous material, saturated by a magnetic field. This inspection method is commonly known as magnetic rope testing (MRT).

INTROS covers the range of rope diameters from 6mm to 175mm and can be used for rope inspection in mines, cranes, elevators, ropeways, bridges, overhead transmission lines, etc.  INTROS is dual function instrument, i.e. it simultaneously measures loss of metallic area LMA, caused by corrosion, abrasion or wear and reveals local flaws (LF) in the form of internal and external broken wires, pitting corrosion, cross-nicking, welding spots, etc.  INTROS is suitable to inspect stranded, spiral, half-locked, full-locked, plastic coated or plastic valley filled ropes made from bright and galvanized wire, with fibre or steel core.


The MRT system establishes a magnetic circuit, which needs to magnetise the metallic cross section of the rope up to its saturation level. As a reference, EN 12927:2019 states that the magnetising unit has to be able to create a magnetic flux density of between 1.9 and 2.3 Tesla in a rope (or a metallic test piece for reasons of calibration). A strong and homogenous magnetisation of the rope cross-section in the monitored zone is necessary to obtain a high defect detection rate over the whole rope cross-section, in particular to reliably detect wire breaks within the rope, especially in the core.


INTROS meets the requirements of ASTM E1571, ISO 4309, EN 12927:2019, IMCA LR 004, IMCA HSSE 023 and IMCA M 197 Rev 1.

The performance of INTROS has been independently verified and certified by the wire rope laboratory LA.T.I.F. in Italy.

INTROS MH6-26 for rope diameters 6mm to 26mm INTROS MH20-45 for rope diameters 20mm to 45mm INTROS MH100-175 for rope diameters 100mm to 175mm

After Sales Service

TENSOLOGY Technicians are factory trained and accredited by INTRON PLUS to carry out sales, service, repair and verification to the full range of Intros equipment at our UK Service Centre.  As users of the equipment, we are also uniquely placed to provide technical advice relating to the operation of the equipment and interpretation of the results.